Elk Grove Dry Wood Rot Repair

Extensive Elk Grove dry rot repair is needed to address this profound problem that can invade your home, commercial building or other type of structure. The team at Timco Construction knows how damaging it can be and will do something about it.

We specialize in Elk Grove rotten wood repair. We have licensed, experienced builders on our team that are able to assess the severity of your dry rot infestation and work to contain it from spreading while making repairs to the affected areas.


Extensive wood rot repair in Elk Grove CA

Dry rot is not a problem that is going to go away easily — you need an extensive service administered by specialists that know the science behind the issue and will provide comprehensive fixes.

When you work with Timco Construction for dry rot repair in Elk Grove CA, we will make sure to:

  • Inspect your structure and assess the severity of your dry rot infestation
  • Identify the source of the dry rot — typically a source of moisture
  • Remove and replace all the wood and plaster that has been infested
  • Provide preventative measures to avoid future instances of dry rot
  • And more

Timco Construction has quickly gained a reputation for excellence in Elk Grove dry rot repair. We have found and eliminated dry rot in everything from homes, offices, decks and other structures.

Our Elk Grove rotten wood repair staff is extensively trained in all the latest inspection and treatment methods, which ensures we are able to provide you with the most cutting-edge, effective treatment for this relatively common problem.


Consult with the team at Timco Construction — leaders in Elk Grove wood rot repair

Don’t let dry rot threaten your home, office or other structure. Bring in the Elk Grove dry rot repair experts by calling in Timco Construction.