Folsom Dry Wood Rot Repair

Don’t let dry rot take over your home, commercial facility or other type of structure — call in Timco Construction and put our Folsom dry rot repair team to work for you.

We specialize in Folsom rotten wood repair for both residential and commercial clients. In order to contain and repair this form of damage, it takes a comprehensive approach — which we have developed and offer to our clients.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of dry rot, and are not sure if you might need wood rot repair in Folsom CA, then consider some of the following basic information about this fairly common problem.

  • Dry rot is the infestation of a certain type of fungus, which can take up a home in timber, masonry and other building materials. Dry rot will shrink, warp and weaken these materials to compromise the integrity of your structure.
  • Effective dry rot repair in Folsom CA is sometimes hard to achieve because it can spread very quickly. The first order of business should always be to find and eliminate the source of the rot (and moisture) and contain it before making repairs.
  • Despite its name, dry rot actually stems from a source of moisture that allows the fungus to form. Folsom dry rot repair should always start with finding that source and correcting it. However, this is a form of rot that can persistent in much dryer temperatures than the average types of rot (i.e. mold, etc.)

Our Folsom rotten wood repair team can answer any questions or concerns you might have about dry rot, and provide your facility with a thorough inspection.


Call Timco Construction for reliable, effective Folsom wood rot repair

Aside from our expertise in building a wide variety of projects (i.e. decks, remodels, siding, restorations and more) Timco Construction serves as experts when it comes to dry rot. Don’t let this problem ruin your home or structure. Bring in our Folsom dry rot repair professionals.