Folsom Vinyl Siding Repair

Your home’s siding stands as the first line of defense from the elements — make sure it is in tip-top shape with Folsom vinyl siding repair by Timco Construction. Our team of siding specialists can provide repairs, maintenance and replacement for your home or commercial building.

Vinyl is a popular Folsom CA home siding option — it’s durable, stylistically versatile, cost-efficient and more. While your vinyl siding can take a beating, that doesn’t mean you’ll never need siding replacement in Folsom CA.

Here are some signs to look for that might indicate you need vinyl siding repair in Folsom CA.

  • Cracking in your siding: Very old vinyl siding can develop cracks while gaps can start to form. We can address this with the proper repair work or a full Folsom siding replacement.
  • High utility bills: Your siding not only protects the inner structure of your home but also insulates it. If you are experiencing high energy bills, it’s probably because your heating and cooling system is working too hard due to poor insulation. Folsom vinyl siding repair can bring these energy bills back down.
  • Mold and rot: Moisture can get in cracks and gaps in your siding and create some serious problems. As experts in Folsom CA home siding, we can diagnose the severity of your rot problem and take measures to stop it from spreading and issue necessary repairs.

The members of Timco Construction are all licensed and experienced siding professionals. These are men and women who have tended to the needs of hundreds of residential and commercials structures over the last few years.

You can make sure that the siding on your home or commercial facility stays looking its best, and functioning the way that it should, with the help of our Folsom vinyl siding repair.