Roseville Dry Wood Rot Repair

Trust an industry leader for your Roseville dry rot repair. At Timco Construction, we work with a wide range of residential and commercial clients, helping them to identify and address dry rot in their homes, office buildings and other structures.

Dry rot consists of a certain type of fungus that can invade timber and other building materials. The fungus weakens the structural integrity of the material, putting your structures at serious risk. We offer Roseville rotten wood repair that addresses dry rot in a comprehensive fashion.


Do you need wood rot repair in Roseville CA?

Spotting wood rot can be easier in some instances than others. Your best bet is to bring in our specialists for dry rot repair in Roseville CA to inspect the area in question. Otherwise, you might be able to detect dry rot from some of the following signs:

  • Dark, decaying wood or building materials
  • A musty, odor
  • A fluffy white substance that sometimes develops around the area
  • Shrinking or warped wood
  • And more

These are all signs that you are in need of Roseville dry rot repair. Allowing the problem to persist means the dry rot can spread to other areas of your building or structure and create even more extensive damages. Our Roseville rotten wood repair team will make the necessary repairs that not only get rid of this problem, but keeps away future infestations.


Talk to our Roseville wood rot repair team

Dry rot is not something to take a chance on. If you suspect it might be setting in within your home, facility or structure, give a call to our Roseville dry rot repair staff. We’d be happy to take a look and devise a comprehensive plan on how to rebuild your project back to new.