Sacramento Dry Wood Rot Repair

Reliable Sacramento dry rot repair is essential in preserving areas of your home or commercial building. Dry rot is one of the biggest hazards that can befall structures of any kind.

This byproduct of a certain type of fungus will weaken wood and make your structure incredibly unpredictable and dangerous. With Timco Construction and our Sacramento rotten wood repair, we can make sure to limit and repair the damage.


Wood rot repair in Sacramento CA that you can count on

When the integrity of your home or commercial building is on the line, you can only trusted licensed professionals to take care of your dry rot repair in Sacramento CA. That’s exactly what we offer here at Timco Construction.

We have a team of Sacramento wood rot repair specialists that have extensive experience in:

  • Inspecting homes, buildings and other structures
  • Identifying the presence of dry rot
  • Containing the dry rot and eliminating the source of it
  • Making necessary repairs to affected areas

With our Sacramento dry rot repair team, you can trust that the fixes we make are long-lasting ones. We don’t provide you with temporary fixes only to have you discover that the rot has returned later in the future.


Do you suspect dry rot at your home or commercial building?

In some cases, dry rot can be easy to detect, even for those who don’t have any experience in building. However, in other cases, dry rot can be relatively tough to spot. That’s why you need our Sacramento rotten wood repair staff to provide a thorough inspection if you suspect that dry rot has set in at an area of your home or building.

We have decades of experience providing quality Sacramento dry rot repair. Put our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff to work for you by contacting Timco Construction.